Kids Activities

Active Family Time


Some ideas on how we might go about this include:

  • Go to the local park, or any open green area. Go for a walk together, a cycle, a scoot.
  • Walk a block or two of the local neighbourhood.
  • Bring some chalk outside and draw hopscotch markings, have a game.
  • Teach your child to skip, or have a skipping competition.
  • Challenge your child to teach you a new skill or activity that they learned in PE class at school.
  • Grab a football, basketball, soccer ball or even a tennis ball. Be creative with the amount of different ways you can play with this. Throw it, bounce it, kick it: your child will come up with lots of ideas if you ask them.



  • Active video gaming such as GONOODLE a popular website teachers use for integrating physical activity in the classroom
  • Active Board Games like Twister

Do remember to keep building in activity that really involves you and your child moving your whole body as this will give you heart health benefits as well as skill development benefits. Again, you can do this outside your front door, in the back yard or even better, in a large open green area such as a park or big field if you are lucky enough to be able to access one. However, please remember to follow government restrictions.

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